Recycled Paper Mushroom Gift Toppers/Ornaments w/ 50" Raffia Wrap, Set of 6 ©
Collection: Enchanted Christmas

This set of 6 printed paper mushroom gift toppers/ornaments is a whimsical addition to any gift-giving occasion. Ranging in height from 3.0" to 4.0", these charming toppers feature intricate embroidery and tufting details, bringing a touch of enchantment to any present. Each mushroom is lovingly wrapped with a 50-inch strand of raffia, lending a handcrafted feel to the vibrant multicolor design. Whether used as toppers for special gifts or as unique ornaments for holiday decor, these delightful mushrooms are sure to captivate and charm. Their varied sizes, from 4.0"L x 4.0"W to 3.25"L x 0.75"W, allow for creative and versatile use, making them a perfect finishing touch for any festive occasion. A delightful set of mushroom gift toppers/ornaments, each piece boasts unique embroidery and tufting details, wrapped in natural raffia. An enchanting addition to any festive decor, these ornaments bring a touch of woodland whimsy to any holiday celebrations. Ideal for adorning gift packages or as charming ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Catalog Name: 3"H - 4"H Printed Recycled Paper Mushroom Gift Toppers/Ornaments w/ Embroidery, Tufting & 50" Raffia Wrap, Multi Color, Set of 6 ©

UPC: 191009642619

Inner: 6

Carton: 180

Cube: 7.7407

Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.8

Product Attributes: Recycled

Material: Paper