Recycled Glass Mosaic Votive Holder, Multi Color
Collection: Pumpkin & Spice

This mosaic glass votive candleholder is a masterpiece of light and color. Each piece of glass is carefully selected and placed to create a stunning mosaic that catches the light and scatters it in a spectrum of hues. The multicolored design makes it a versatile piece that can complement any interior, from modern to bohemian. It measures 4 in diameter and 4 in height, perfect for housing votive candles. When lit, the candleholder comes alive, casting a dance of shadows and colors that can transform the atmosphere of any space. It's not just a candleholder; it's a piece of art that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the joy of light. Whether as a gift or for the home, this candleholder is sure to delight.

Catalog Name: 4" Round x 4" Recycled Glass Mosaic Votive Holder, Multi Color

UPC: 191009634034

Inner: 6

Carton: 12

Cube: 1.0979

Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0

Product Attributes: Recycled

Material: Glass

Style: Autumn

Shape: Round